Stump Grinding Services

Whether we remove your tree or not…we can grind out any stumps you might have. We can leave the chips or we can haul them off. Its your choice. If the stump is 12″ or 75″, Lawn Worx has the right equipment to do the job right.

Lawn Worx is a company that specializes in getting rid of pesky tree roots and stumps from your lawn quickly without damaging the grass. Stumps are a perennial problem year after year in our lawns. Stump Grinding services help to revive your lawn back into its former glory. Stumps are unsightly and they can be dangerous too as they can cause injuries for instance if you were to trip on them. We take care of Stump Grinding with the latest technology and equipment so that we’ll never leave any traces behind once we’re done grinding down the Stumps from your property. So, if you are looking for Stump Grinding services in Georgetown, KY, just get in touch with Lawn Worx.

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What if you could effortlessly remove pesky tree stumps from your backyard, with ease? Lawn Worx will help you do just that. With their professional service and a friendly team of stump grinders on call, they’ll have those unsightly reminders gone before the leaves change color!