Tree Trimming

Is your tree overgrown? Is it growing into your house? Can you safely walk under it without having a branch poke you? We can trim it back, down, or up…whatever it takes to make it fit your landscape and lifestyle. We have been trimming trees for years and have the experience necessary to make your tree the beautiful asset it is meant to be.

Tree trimming is one of the most critical and overlooked maintenance procedures in proper tree care. Tree owners are often unaware that their trees need to be trimmed regularly for optimum health and appearance. Tree branches can become overgrown or heavy enough to cause damage if not regularly trimmed. Tree pruning, which can occur at any time during the growing season, will keep your tree healthy and attractive. Tree pruning is performed to increase the health of trees, not their size or appearance. Tree roots can also be trimmed to improve drainage around a building foundation, or for other construction activities. Now, as obvious, neither you have the time nor the patience to do it yourself.

All you have to do is to contact Lawn Worx and we will get the job done in no time. We have some of the most talented tree trimming experts who know how to do tree trimming without making a mess out of it in the process.